Sunday, January 22, 2006

long wheel base recumbent

I found some plans for a long wheel base recumbent bike (the Tour Easy) online. Just what I needed to realize one of my dreams! So I obtained a couple of frames (Thanks Mike! Thanks Beverly and Tommy Dale!)and some cromoly tubing and decided to try my hand at building one of these neat bikes.

I've wanted to build a recumbent and really didn't know it. It seems like it would be a great energy saver/exercise inducer and could actually be relatively practical as transportation. Outfitted with a motor (electric or gas, more on gas later) and a shell, it would be great for getting to work. Work doesn't have a shower so that makes cycling a bit unrealistic. I don't mind smelling funky but my coworkers might. OSHA requires having one shower stall for x number of employees. Great but at the same time it prevents companies from building showers because of the expense. It would be a nice gesture towards truly sustainable practices to either require showers or lessen the number that would have to be built.

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