Saturday, February 25, 2006

reporting these days

I imagine it must be hard for a reporter to jam a camera in someones face and ask them hard hitting questions. Imagine, you, who have just sat down to a nice meal of still twitching child flesh and hearing a voice call out "Mr. Delay? About Jack Abramoff?" and then getting grilled like never before on who, what, when, where, why and how much. It must be hard, thus explaining why reporters aren't doing it. Or when they do, concerning themselves with such inanity as to be immediately irrelevant. I am, some people would say, relatively outgoing, but to interrupt a person in conversation amongst friends, uninvited, would be one of the most difficult things I can imagine. I have, however, figured out, just now, why republicans are so staunchly against abortion.

It cuts down on their food supply.

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  1. I thought this was true!

    "For instance, people get on Dick Cheney's case about his coziness with the energy companies, but that's completely unfair. Just as actual human beings would be a bit partial to oxygen drilling companies, Cheney has got to favor those who supply his source of cyborg power. If he didn't have access to oil, he would have to switch to consuming his backup power source: human babies.

    If you were amused by this, I am ashamed of you. The one thing we cannot do is what I just did. It is just the sort of unrestrained rhetoric by irresponsible individuals that is poisoning democratic discourse. Obviously, Dick Cheney does not have to eat babies when he runs out of oil. Anyone under the age of nine will do."