Monday, January 02, 2012

A place in the woods

I started by lugging some concrete footers and some 4x4s back into the woods. Where I'm building this isn't accessible by any vehicle I have access to. On New Year's Eve, I lugged 2 8' 2x12s and 2 16' 2x12s to the site. January 1st I carried in a bundle of 16 4' 2x2s to use as bracing for the leveling of my 4x4s.

All these items including tools have to be carried in by hand. It is a rather serious affair.

I initially thought I could level the concrete footers, erect the 4x4s and then tie in the lumber. Once I got that done I'd square up the rectangle. After careful consideration I realized I'd need to get everything square from the outset. I'm not sure how much the 2x12s weighed but I damn sure was not going to be horsing the whole foundation around once it was put together.

The plan is as such. One 8x10 foot platform for easy tent camping and eventually I'll build a small cabin on it. The 16' 2x12s will allow me to build a 6 foot porch on this little cabin.

On to making sure it is square from the outset. I made some bucks from the 2x2s and some undergrowth. On these bucks, I placed string outlining the rectangle of the cabin floor/platform. The concrete footers will be leveled according to this string rectangle and then the 4x4s will be erected. The 2x12s will tie it all together. Just like the rug in Lebowski's apartment.
Uncentered, unlevel, concrete footer

This will be a very staged build and I'll document it as best as I can.

I've been thinking about building a Walden Pond style cabin for as long as I can remember.

Here goes...

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed going through the build process via your Flickr page, Rick. Really nice looking property and cabin.