Thursday, March 02, 2006

logic lessons

I've been wondering for some time why logic isn't taught in schools. Like Diane, I find it difficult to believe that logic isn't a core curriculum. Althought I don't completely agree with her assesment of algebra and trig, the crux of her argument is true. I propose we teach logic as a defense against, well, all the evil in the world. Bad politicians, check. Advertisments for useless goods, check. Damn near anything I can think of that I consider bad, check.

I have to be quite frank. I have no skill or training in logic but I understand it as a positive, protective force. Can you imagine a world where people can't be coerced by faulty logic? Where children know enough to question the automatic imposition of authority. Take, for example, the intelligent design argument: roundly defeated by a firm application of reason by PZ Meyer among others. Hear, Hear! This gentleman is on the search for enlightenment using the tools of logic. Would that we were all so minded.

I've found several texts on teaching logic to children. Bravo! but they cost. It seems to me that we would want this taught to our children at any cost. But better yet taught to all children equally that we might improve not only our own standing but the standing of the entire world. Better people than myself will have to help with this. I am neither smart enough or eloquent enough to make this happen. Will you help?

The main need is for curriculum that can be used to teach children at home. There are parents who read to their offspring to better them. Surely they would be interested in having materials that would enable them to teach logic lessons. I'd love to see this taught in schools but perhaps a start would be a childrens story.

Please help the world by helping develop a freely distributable curriculum for teaching logic.