Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bloody noses and silly poses

So I'm trying to catch a predinner nap (sweet sweet sleep. I miss you so much...)and I hear Levi squeal and start crying. Leaping up, I find he has a bloody nose. He tells me that that he hit his nose on the dryer. I figure while trying to climb on top of it. Oh no... not even remotely correct. He opens the dryer to see a pile of clean clothes and thinks it would be a good idea to bash his head into the clothes. Obviously they'll be soft and it'll feel and smell good. Until he actually follows through with his plan and finds the hard plastic of the agitator under the first two layers of shirts. Poor fellow.

I can only picture him with his head stuck in the dryer about to mash his face into a pile of fresh smelling laundry. Then disaster!