Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

I just finished reading "Cheap," by Ellen Shell and while it was a good book I found it lacking in some aspects. The book was well written, researched and pointed out a number of flaws that I have noted in my own life.

It lacked, like a good number of similar books, a definitive call to action. Shell touts two stores, Wegman's and Costco, that are better than the competition but outside of shopping there does not address any practical advice for turning our obsession with cheap around. Some subtle advice can be gleaned however. Shop locally. Direct from the grower or manufacturer if possible. Buy less.

I love books like this that speak to deficiencies in our culture but really wish that they would just drop in a simple plan for breaking the 'broken' cycle. It seems that with the research the author must have done it would be a simple task to outline at least that. Perhaps it is not that simple.

What am I overlooking? I'd love to know...